23.05.2022 Rafaela Benez

Web design: 1 remarkable way to change your business

Let us take a quick dive into the importance of web design and its uses.

In Web Design, looks are not everything, but certainly, they represent a large portion of attracting people. You would not be in a job interview without putting any effort whatsoever into bettering your appearance and showing the interviewer your value incompetence and looks, right? Well, the same happens with a website. Be it for a big company, a professional portfolio, or even a blog you have for a hobby, you need to present it pleasantly to your target public if you want people to see your content.

There is where a web designer would work with you. Visual stimulation is very important to a website, and it has to function as well as it looks. The specialist designer has to think primarily about the appearance and layout of a website. There will be situations that which the web designer can even interfere with the content of the said project.

This means that the colors, font, and images used in your website, and the structure of how the information will be displayed and categorized, are known as layouts. Also, incorporating your brand within the site will be a web designer’s main focus at work. Web Design is so critical that  75% of internet users judge a company’s credibility based only on visual design, according to a Stanford Web Credibility Research Site by the Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab.

And when asked by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) for the article Trust and mistrust of online health sites,  94% of the first impressions of a healthy website were related to a well-designed site. After knowing that, you may think that these people looked all over the site, tested all menu buttons, and call to action, but this is far from the truth. An article published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies shows that 50 milliseconds is the amount of time that visitors need to form an impression of your website design.

Visitors’ opinions

Hard to believe? Well, we asked the people if they consider Web Design important, and here are their thoughts on the matter. The freelance illustrator Pedro P. Piazzarollo says that when he enters a site, regardless of what is the goal of the visit (shopping, research, information), the thing that affects him the most is, at first, how it is organized. However, he admits he cannot leave aside its visual identity of it.

“It is very significant that the visual identity and the flow of the site, whatever it is or the purpose of it, can balance these 2 pillars. For, some points that a very objective site would leave aside, the visual identity made by a graphic ‘design’ will take advantage of. And the points and spaces before that would be “lost” and left aside and so can become some advertising or information that holds the user for longer, thus leaving more attractive and fluid” explains.

Web design

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For the law Bachelor Ana Luísa Pereira the visual presentation of a website, especially stores, indicates how trustworthy they are, thus companies must think about their designs.

“A website’s design is essential because I believe it impacts the quality of the product. For me, it’s the same thing as arriving at a shop that doesn’t have the minimum of care with the architecture, you know? Besides, a well-done website, to me, conveys the feeling that I won’t be ripped off (credibility in the shop). So, beauty/architecture/design influences when I’m buying something”.

Kimberly Miranda, who is a Pharmaceutical Sciences student and social media lover, categorizes Web Design as very significant for any type of website. “It has to be attractive and easily accessible. If it is difficult to move, or disorganized, I usually give up buying the product”, she states.

Customers are increasingly worried about their safety online. That is why the pedagogue and teacher Gardênia Ferreira find a good web design to be essential. “I believe that the design of a site makes all the difference. Firstly because today we are living in a time when scams by fake sites are very common. Then, I believe it is essential that a site present a good design with unique structures that make us consumers differentiate the real site from a fake one, for example”, says the teacher.

She continues to talk about her experience: “Besides a good design offers us security, it also offers good navigation, the interest of staying in the site and having a good design presentation comes consequently followed by a good performance. When there is carelessness with the design, I believe that the site does not pass confidence about security and its functionality”.

Web design is one of the primary things on the internet

Have you ever imagined losing at least 30% of your customers? According to a PDF released by Adobe State of Content Report, 38% of visitors will exit the site and stop engaging if the content or layout is unattractive. The Brazilian Software Engineering student and Biological Sciences graduate, Eduardo Antero de Moraes, talked with Creative Skyline about the subject.

According to the student, some unpleasant situations can cause losses for the company and irritation in users. “Users may give up access, not convert purchases, delay to use the service, not recommend to close people among other things,” he says.

Moraes mentions that “the way content is presented (example: disorganization) or the lack of content, delay to load pages or perform functions, lack of responsiveness to mobile devices (mobile phones, tablet), not pass security” are examples of a bad design or even the lack of it.

But what is a good web design? Eduardo Moraes says that: “A good site needs a good visual presentation that is attractive to users, but you should pay attention to the design that does not draw more attention than the content presented to the user”, says. The student continues to point out the key factors of a good web design.

“Prioritizing the speed of the site should also be something to consider because in addition to being beautiful and modern the site needs to be functional; Objectivity in the titles of the home page, which will help the user in a search, but optimized throughout the site. Prioritize page scrolling instead of click, so the site becomes more fluid navigation”.

Moraes also enters the matter of mobile accesses. “Responsiveness: currently users use enough mobile phones, tablets, TV, and other devices to access content in general on the web and each one has a screen size and the design should be adapted so that everyone can have the same experience. If a site is not responsive you may lose many conversions of purchases for example”, he explains.

Web Design

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This corroborates with the fact that: according to the publication Key Statistics to Why Responsive Design is Important by Visually/Rock Content, 85% of adults prefer a company in which the mobile website design is as good or better than their desktop version of it.

Web design is not just for big companies and entrepreneurs, your beloved hobby also deserves this kind of attention. The Software Engineering student completes his interview by stating that: “Currently we have a great need to position ourselves solidly on the web. We must use all possible elements so that people, companies, and government organizations or not have a good appearance in the ‘virtual world’. Being able to increase credibility in the market, highlight their values, demonstrate their competencies among other things.”

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