28.04.2022 Rafaela Benez

s.n.assistant: growing a business with 0 annoying tasks

Is it hard to read and respond to all of you company's emails? We present the ultimate virtual assistant service to help you with that

Do you think you need some help with your business chores? Have you ever thought of hiring an assistant? What about a virtual assistant? How many vacation days have you had in a year? As an entrepreneur, how many functions do you work in? Do you have a healthy relationship with your work?

We know that there is passion in every single task you do in your business, but doing every single task, meeting, and providing customer support is a lot. Especially after the pandemic of COVID-19, most of the world’s workflow went remote and online.

This effort can pay off well, but what is the cost of doing it all by yourself? One possible outcome is burnout syndrome, and no, it doesn’t come just from a toxic workspace. This is caused by “chronic stress” and work overload, which can stress people at this point, and it is a concerning and crescent condition. In the early months of 2021, a study published by  ThriveMyWay states that 59% of Millennials, 58% of Gen Z, and 54% of Gen X had similar reports of burnout.

And this health issue can lead to performance issues not only in employees but in leadership positions too. According to the report, more than 50% of women in leadership positions said that they had experienced burnout. It seems like a difficult situation that we at Creative Skyline can help you with. The brand s.n.assistant is here to do small or big chores, and since none of us are robots, we can talk and discuss. Let us delve into our service.


Virtual assistant

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Independent professionals supporting your business

Together we will take your business to the next level. We support you in German, English, and Portuguese with highly trained personnel. Let us briefly summarize what we can do for your business.

Back office

Correspondence by email; preparation of accounting; administration of a website; managing an email inbox, etc. We’ve got you covered. Communication with new and old clients is crucial, and it involves time and patience, so having a virtual assistant trained to deal with customers is crucial. Remember, you hire us only when needed.

Data entry

Data collection and processing; evaluation of data; Creation of documents, spreadsheets, and forms; etc. s.n.assistant will have a person to treat the data, organize it the way you want it to be, and give it all to you.


Do you need to book an appointment? Or plan a business trip, event, and trade fair planning; Editorial and content planning? We got you again. Our crew is ready to research plane flights, hotels, and coworking spaces, and we do it fully respecting the budget and other requirements presented.

Social media

It is the social media era and building social media profiles is hard on its own. And then prepare and publish posts, contributions or creating graphics and captions, doing it with no crew at all can overwhelm a person that has already so many responsibilities. There is more when you get a social media profile than thinking about and carefully caring for the corporate identity. Luckily, we have someone to help you.

Find your ultimate virtual assistant for business

Special requirementss.n.assistant is not made of robots, just send us an email and we will find the solution. As qualified, independent, and professional virtual assistants, we can meet and adjust our work to your needs. With that said, you will not pay a full wage, our pricing is fair and follows an hourly plan.

We do the tasks, and you handle your business

  • Less stress: you have more time and focus on your business. No annoying tasks!
  • Versatile use: we take on all upcoming tasks that you don’t feel like doing.
  • Short-term employment: We can usually start immediately. You don’t have to expect long lead times.
  • Increase liquidity by avoiding hiring costs. A workplace does not have to be made available.
  • Transparent costs: there is no salary. No paid vacation. You pay a fixed hourly rate. There are no additional costs.
  • Flexible Hire: talk to us whenever you need the job done. We are available to you every day. So you can get a professional to help your business.

“The only way to do a good job is to love what you do.” – Steve jobs

To get a win, win you need a trustful cooperation

Appreciation, fair and honest dealings, as well as openness and passion, are basic requirements for successful cooperation. We would like to get to know you and your company, support you as assistants in the best possible way, and work with you on your goals.

A company’s health is measured by results, but not the ones obtained by overworked and exhausted leaders and employees. To get every part of this engine to work and bring the best outcomes possible, you need to know how to share the work. It is not necessary to say that we can take care of a lot of not-so-pleasing parts for you.

We are highly motivated to deliver the best results and receive excellent feedback. Positive feedback and satisfied customers are necessary for our success. You benefit from flexible, qualified, and human virtual assistants. We are cheaper than a permanent employee.

Good customer service is our motto

After knowing all the technical stuff, there is also one other key point to Creative Skyline’s services: good, personal customer service for our clients. This is the gospel in the company, and with the s.n.assistant it couldn’t be different. Since it is a specialized virtual assistant brand, one of our jobs is to have a good relationship with our clients and their clients too.

Do not be afraid to say anything. We support communication, so we want to know your ideas or if something is not going the way it is supposed to be. That is why s.n.assistant offers free advice on your business. Get in touch with us so you do not lose time, and you can book a diagnosis appointment, so we can analyze your needs and tell you what our assistant crew can do better for you. Just so you know, this analysis is free.

Finding it hard to believe? Well, here is what our founder and CEO, Sascha Neumann says about the topic: “These days it is not all about money anymore, it is about time. So, when clients contact us, we want them to feel that we are giving their time back,” he says.

Neumann continues to explain that one of the company’s goals is for clients and users to feel accommodated and supported. “This happens in the first moment because they do not need to follow order processes on the internet or configure anything with the provider. We will do that for them so that our customers can follow their passion again,” he explains.

With all that said, we would like to hear your thoughts and ideas. Get in touch with us by any means you see fit! Book an appointment, we are always open to communicating and finding fresh solutions together.

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