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A honest Guide to Tidio and How It’s Changing the Live Chat Game

Live chat is a great way to help your customers. But how do you know which apps are a good choice? We've researched and have the answers

Everything is online now and live chats are more popular than ever, especially after the Covid-19 stopped the world’s businesses. One annoying consequence was the loss of customer service. On one, we had overwhelmed workers in a more than a stressful pandemic, and on the other side, confused customers waiting days for a simple response.

And we are not exaggerating things. An ArenaCX survey showed that 69% of the interviewed customers have terminated contact with companies over a bad customer service situation. This survey also said that 61% of clients have given bad reviews to businesses that mistreated them in any way.

And this happened at the same time as the Consumer report Post COVID-19 by Freshworks study showed that 32% of the participants were more patient with slow responses in customer services due to the pandemic.

So yeah, customer service counts as an important aspect of growing a business. And more, another paper by Freshworks, the Deconstructing Delight report, says that 80% of customers want brands to be more honest when communicating. And to do a better job at communicating with clients, there are many tools available. Everything depends on the focus of the businesses and their target public.

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Since there is a wide range of options for customer service apps, we will discuss one we have used and recommend: Tidio. Tidio is a cloud-based WordPress plugin with notable appearance preferences, like choosing the backgrounds of chats, for example. Besides the widget on which you can have conversations with clients and leads, you can send messages through social media and emails

The plugin is free for two users after that, it costs €15 and if you want more than three users you pay €10 for the additional users. On the plugin page, Tidio promises the principal features are available in the free plan. If you want to test all of these attributes offered, there is a 7-days free trial. Also, there are 24 hours for 5 five days of support to its clients.

How to Integrate Tidio into Your Website or App

While we admit that setting up a live chat on your website or application is not rocket science, it might feel like it if you’re just getting started. This guide is for you – after reading it, you’ll be an expert in enabling a live chat on your web page.

And if you’ve decided to integrate Tidio with your website or mobile app. Great choice! You’ll be glad to know that it’s easy to do this, as long as you’re using cloud-based software like Tidio. All you have to do is go into the settings and turn on Tidio for each page that you want to use it on.

Which page should I put Tidio on? We suggest putting it on every single one of them: the homepage, contact page, and product pages are just a few places where customers may need support and questions answered when they visit your site or app.

Enabling the Live Chat feature

To activate the Tidio Live Chat feature, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Go to the “Live Chat” tab and click “Enable Live Chat.”
  • Select the platform you want to integrate with. This can be either Tidio’s web app or their mobile app (both of which are available on Android and iOS).
  • Click “Save” when finished.
  • In your settings, select “Yes” for using a custom domain name that ends in. tidio, then enable it by clicking on the checkbox next to its name (screenshot above).

Once this is set up, you’re ready for business! You’ll now see an option labeled “Live Chat” in the dropdown menu of every post on your site or app. Just click it whenever you’d like someone from your team at Tidio working behind-the-scenes as part of your customer support team!

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Accessing the Live Chat control panel

When your account has been created, you can access the Live Chat control panel by logging in to your Tidio account. To do this, click on “My Account” from the main menu of our website or app.

Alternatively, you can find instructions on how to log in and access the control panel within your admin panel or chat widget.

Customizing your Live Chat

You can customize the Chat to match your website or app. When you integrate Tidio, we will automatically create a unique design for you based on the colors and layout of your site. However, if you want to customize it further, there are some easy ways to do so:

  • Choose the right design for your website or app: Use the design tool to preview different templates and choose which one works best for you.
  • Pick the right color scheme: Pick from over 100 color combinations in the color picker.
  • Select the time zone that fits best with your audience. This is especially important if you have an international customer base!
  • Select a language for all chat conversations – this will allow users who don’t speak English to feel more comfortable using Tidio chat software

Choosing a Live Chat design

  • Choose a design that matches your brand
  • Choose a design that matches your website
  • Select a design that is easy to use, navigate and read.

What are the pros and cons of Tidio and How It Can Help Your Business Growth?

Tidio Pros

Tidio is the perfect solution for small business owners. The tool is both easy to use and cost-effective, making it a great option for those who want to grow their business without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Tidio’s customer support team is always willing to help you out when you need it most. They will answer any questions you may have about the platform and guide how best to use it to get results fast!

Tidio Cons

Tidio is a live chat tool, which makes it great for small business owners. It’s compatible with most devices and browsers, and it can be used to help your customers find what they require quickly. The tools that Tidio offers, such as the ability to create email templates and customize them based on your needs as well as integrations with other apps like Slack or Google Apps are also useful features.

However, there are some downsides associated with using Tidio. For example, if you have numerous clients or customers who want to use this service, then they will all be grouped into one chat room. This chat is where everyone has access to everyone else’s conversations, which could cause privacy issues, depending on how private those conversations were meant to be kept secret from others outside your company circle.

Live Chat, Tidio

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Tidio is a great tool for small business owners

Here are some of the main benefits of Tidio:

  • It’s easy to use.
  • It’s affordable.
  • Not only that, but it’s mobile-friendly.
  • You can easily integrate it with other tools, such as Google Calendar and Slack so that you can stay on track with your tasks and appointments at all times—even when you’re off the clock!
  • If you need more advanced features like payroll integration or custom forms for detailed information about each client or job (if this is something that would help your business grow), Tidio has those options too!


The verdict is in: Tidio is a great tool for small business owners, and your customers will love it. We at Creative Skyline have used this tool for our websites and Sascha Neumann, the CEO of CS, recommends Tidio as a tool. With a simple setup, customer service software that doesn’t miss a beat, and the ability to connect to your customers 24/7 (even when you’re asleep), it’s the perfect solution to help your business grow.

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