25.04.2022 Rafaela Benez

Transfer with Droppy24: an excellent way to send data

Transfer data is not easy and doing it with quality will be a problem of the past after this article

You already know Creative Skyline’s love for web development, design, SEO, and customer service. Now we want to present Droppy24. Transferring your data was never that easy, and the best part is like in all of our brands, you can be relaxed because we will take care of your data.

Did you know that you probably create at least 1.7 MB of data per second? Not only that, but according to a Domo study, people created 2,5 quintillion of data bytes daily in 2020. And how are you going to share this data with friends, family, and coworkers? How can you send those infographics to your boss without sacrificing the document’s quality? Creative Skyline has the solution for you.

With Droppy24, you can share files up to 100 GB per transfer. You can optionally protect your files with a password. With that, we offer more security while your files are being sent to the recipients. No cloud is required. Transferring data is easy with this method.

Share type

You can share the file by email, so the recipients will receive an email, or by link, where you copy the URL and share it with everyone you want.

Destruct the file

The file will destruct itself after all the recipients have completed the download.

Protect with password

Your file can only be downloaded by entering a password. Don’t want a password? It is OK, just leave the field empty to disable the password feature.


Transfer data Droppy24

Droppy24 by Creative Skyline

You can go free or premium, it is your choice

If our free version is too small, you can share larger files with the premium membership, which also allows you to store them longer, so you can give the recipients more time to download them.

And you do not lose in security being a paid member. The password feature is enabled to secure your files with a combination of your choice, to give your secure or secret files some more privacy while sending them to your recipients.


Why use a data transferring service?

At the beginning of the article, we showed you that every person creates a lot of data on the internet every day. And it is only natural that we, as sociable beings, want to share the things we do. Whether it’s a folder containing all your work for the week or images from last night’s party with pals, there’s something for everyone.

Key points to use Droppy24 to transfer data:

  • The same quality of the image sent and received
  • Send to multiple documents
  • Send your data to many people
  • Upload much more than 10 minutes of videos
    Transfer data Droppy24

    Source: Rawpixel

Good customer service is our motto

After knowing all the technical stuff, there is also one other key point on Creative Skyline’s services: good, personal customer service. This is the gospel in the company, and Droppy24 does not fall far from the tree.

When you first arrive at the site, you’ll notice a chat box where you can write to us. Do not be shy to speak out. We value communication and want to hear your thoughts, or if you are facing a technical difficulty.

Finding it hard to believe? Well, here is what our founder and CEO, Sascha Neumann says about the topic: “Nowadays it is not all about money anymore, it is about time. So, when clients contact us, we want them to feel that we are giving their time back,” he says.

Neumann continues to explain that one of the company’s objectives is for clients and users to feel accommodated and supported. “This happens in the first moment because they do not need to follow order processes on the internet or configure everything with the provider. We will do that for them so that our customers can follow their passion again,” he explains.

With all that said, we would like to hear your thoughts and ideas. Get in touch with us by any means you see fit! Book an appointment, we are always open to communicating and finding fresh solutions together.

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