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Creative Skyline: 7 brands to change your online presence

If you need anything related to the web and even costumer support, Creative Skyline has our back

Creative Skyline is a company that powers many brands in the fields of web development, marketing, and virtual assistance. You may ask yourself “why this kind of service is important to my business?” if this is on your mind, we will clarify some aspects of Creative Skyline’s brands in your life.

Let us start with the fact that, in 2021, 11. 5% of consumers classified as incredibly important for a business have a good website design according to a survey by Top Design Firms. The website also says that 40% of visitors paid more attention to images, 39% the color, and 21% said that videos draw more attention.

Another study, but this one by GoodFirms says that 38.5% of web designers consider an outdated design the most reasonable motive why visitors leave a website. And we are not only talking about desktop accesses, according to Statista, in 2021, at least 53% of retail e-commerce was also generated via mobile devices

And after all of that data, you may ask us, if all of this is so important why 24% of small retail businesses do not have a website? And the answer to that is, according to Digital.com, in 2021, 24% responded that they do not know how to create or manage a website. This statement is something that our founder and CEO Sascha Neumann had noticed and experienced. He says that, in the year 2014, Creative Skyline started in the area of web design. 

“I realized extremely fast, that there are so many entrepreneurs and companies, which do not have their domain, they do not even have a professional email address. I asked a few of our clients, why it is like that, and everyone told me the same. Either they did not have time to deal with that, or they did not know how to do it. Clients even said: I am good in this thing that I do, but I cannot do that,” he says. 

Neumann saw opportunities to help his clients to grow a business out of this situation: “It was my signal, to change something for them, I decided, to host for our clients and a lot of clients from our partners.” The founder points out that the human part of the business puts Creative Skyline ahead of the competition. “We are better than the other hosting provider because our clients do not need to know, how they can do something. They can follow their passion, why they are entrepreneurs or opened the company, we are doing the rest, that they always are present on the internet,” he explains.

First-class service

With us, you get everything from a single source. From comprehensive consultation of customized designs and powerful hosting to professional website creation, support, and optimization. 

Neumann is an entrepreneur himself, so he knows how much impact is caused by a website, email, and being present on the internet. “Every company should have at least a domain, email address, and a small website. Everyone who does not have their domain can appear less professional. But to have those three, you need a hosting provider, on whom you can count. You need to trust that the personnel is always fast, and available and that they solve problems instead of giving them back to you,” he says. 

We combine important factors to provide your customers with a light and convenient experience, through engaging branding, in a purposeful manner. With Creative Skyline the way to a successful business is secured. Do not leave your success to chance and trust in our professional service.

  • Web design – modern & easy to use websites. It is no secret that a good website can be one of the keys to success today. Professional web design makes it possible.
  • Web Development – A good-looking website is particularly important for your business to attract new customers. To be able to achieve this, we can help you with professional web development.
  • SEO – Thanks to individual search engine optimization more visibility on the net. SEO aims to attract interested visitors to your web presence via free search engines.
  • Hosting – High-quality hosting. Serve your website, servers, and all of this with high performance! Refrain from using large cloud providers that require you to read their privacy policy first. Catapult yourself to the next level!
  • Graphic design – There is no second chance for the first impression. This adage has lost none of its meaning to this day. This is true not only in personal encounters between two people but also in marketing.


Creative Skyline is a kind of umbrella business divided into brands. When the business was created the founder decided to split the areas of interest so clients would know exactly what we could do for them. Here is a sneak peek of each one of the brands.


The effort of handling every function in a company can pay off well, but what is the cost of doing it all by yourself? One possible outcome is burnout syndrome, and no, it doesn’t come just from a toxic workspace. This is caused by “chronic stress” and work overload can stress people at this point, and it is a crescent and concerning condition. In the early months of 2021, a study published by ThriveMyWay states that 59% of Millennials, 58% of Gen Z, and 54% of Gen X had similar reports of burnout.

And this health issue can lead to performance issues not only in employees but in leadership positions too. According to the report, there are more than 50% of women in leadership positions said that they had experienced burnout. Seems a difficult situation that we at Creative Skyline can help you with.

The brand s.n.assistant is here to do small or big chores and since none of us are robots we can talk and discuss. Let us deep in what are the preset features of our service: preparation of accounting; administration of a website; management of email inbox; evaluation of data; creation of documents and much more. We got you with it.

Want to know more? We have a blog post about s.n.assistant’s features!

Creative URL Tree

Creative URL Tree is a much-needed service on the web. You can shorten links, create a Biolink, SEO insights or create custom QR codes, and more. All of this with built-in analytics features. Let us present some data to get a hold of the situation.

Have you ever asked yourself how many people are on the internet? Until January 2021 the web had more than 4,6 billion active users according to an ongoing study by Statista. Now, how many links do these people produce or use? How many sites do more than 59% of the world’s population use every day?

We can say that, for a fact, more than 90% of this coefficient accesses sites and links using mobile devices. There are more than 4.15 bi active mobile social media users and if you are a content creator, a big enterprise, or just someone in the crowd you should organize your links.

Want to know more? We have a blog post about Creative URL Tree’s features!


We are pleased to introduce the great hosting service, now the rebranded SERVASIDE (before “Der Wolkenspeicher”) will make your life online easier. In addition to its strength, website hosting, it also offers a variety of services that give you security and peace of mind from business to gaming.

But why do you need this service, and what has it changed in your life? To answer these questions, we will start from the beginning. First, the service is simply a place where everything that is used on your website is stored in one place. All data, images, code, and other information is stored in one or several places.

That is where Creative Skyline comes in as an enabler. Your data is stored securely and all in one place, in Germany. The advantage of leaving all your data together is that it is not only easier to organize, but that your data is only affected by one law.

If your data is split between two countries, Germany, and the United States of America (USA), for example, the data is subject to the Federal Communications Commission from the USA and the General Data Protection Regulations in Germany. This division does not make storage practical and thus creates more headaches than solutions for your site, unlike what Servaside does.

Want to know more? We have a blog post about Servaside’s features!


We at s.n.designs know that if you want to succeed in the digital world, you will not get a second chance, especially involving the user’s first impression. The first time you enter a website everything needs to be perfect, fast, and well-designed. This mantra applies not only to face-to-face meetings, and first encounters between people but also in the marketing area and on the internet as well.

Professional web design is one of the keys to success and this is not a secret to anyone, but not wasting time is one of the most important things in the business world. And that is why we value the trust of our clients to invest time in our work. Name what you want that we will do the best, whether you need us to build a new page, a maintenance revision, or a relaunch, with us your online presence will shine in new splendor.

Want to know more? We have a blog post about s.n.designs features!

Creative Skyline

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Be it for personal use or an enterprise, friendly analytics are always welcome. When we think of any kind of web analytics, the first thing that comes into mind is lots of not-so-easy-to-read data. But at 85Analytics we value time and simplified services, so tracking your user’s journey, replay sessions, collecting heatmaps & more need to be easy.

We know the feeling of not understanding all the information lying in front of you, it is annoying, to say the least. That is why Creative Skyline’s brand provides a clean and simple interface with easy-to-understand analytics about traffic online.

Want to know more? We have a blog post about 85Analytics’ features!


If you have a business, you already know how important a well-designed website is. But of course, you have to know if your business showcase and lead collector is working 24 hours and 7 days a week. That is why monitoring your page is something incredibly significant, if not indispensable.

And that is exactly what 85Uptime offer to Creative Skyline’s clients. More precisely, 85Uptime provides an easy and reliable uptime and performance monitoring solution, with highly customizable and fast status pages.

Powered by three status pages hosted by Creative Skyline, 85Uptime made more than a 51milion checks for a total of 513 monitors. In addition to that, we hold out custom domains, and downtime alerts with analytics included.

Want to know more? We have a blog post about 85Uptime’s features!


You already know Creative Skyline’s love for web development, design, SEO, and customer service. Now we want to present Droppy24. Transferring your data was never that easy, and the best part is, like in all of our brands, which can be relaxed because we will take care of your data.

Did you know that you probably created at least 1.7 MB of data per second? Not only that, but according to a Domo study, people created 2,5 quintillion of data bytes daily in 2020. And how are you going to share this data with friends, family, and coworkers? How can you send those infographics to your boss without sacrificing the document’s quality? Creative Skyline has the solution for you.

With Droppy24, you can share larger up to 100 GB per transfer. You can optionally protect your files with a password. With that, we offer more security while your files are being sent to the recipients. No cloud required; no USB stick sent. Transferring data is easy with this method.

Want to know more? We have a blog post about Droppy24’s features!

Always there

We are always there, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help even with requirements that are out of our regular scope. You can submit all your web-related questions to us. Get Connected! We can talk about your projects, ideas, and content you want to do. Also, we welcome you to contact us for more information about any of our products or services, or brands, we are not kidding, the response is fast and saves you time. No more waiting five working days for a budget proposal.

The CEO of Creative Skyline and all the crew believe in time optimization and for that, we want to make our clients have more free time to take care of their business, hobbies, and other activities. We want our clients to live their best life.

“Nowadays it is not all about money it is all about time. So, when clients contact us, in the first moment they will feel, that we give them their time back, because they do not need to follow order processes on the internet, configure everything at the hosting provider, and so much more… We will do that for them so that our customers can follow their passion again”, says Neumann.

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